May 8, 2021


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Iron Dome unable to resist Palestinian rockets: Israeli former colonel

Retired Israeli Army Colonel Yosi Langotsky says the so-called missile defense system of the Islamic Resistance Movement in Palestine cannot be relied on and the Palestinians will not be able to resist missiles.

Langotsky made the remarks in an interview with Israel’s Hebrew-language daily Mariv on Sunday.

He says previous battles over the besieged Gaza Strip have shown that the Iron Dome is not a reliable missile system at all. In those wars, the Iron Dome missile system failed to deal with Palestinian rockets.
Colonel Langotsky said that if the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah start a war in the future, the Iron Dome would be able to repel a small portion of their missiles. In this context, Israel should not rely on a single missile system in any future war, as Hamas and Hezbollah missiles would be detrimental to Israel’s strategic deployment.

The former Israeli army official made it clear that the Iron Dome had a number of limitations, one of which was that the missile defense system could not block short-range rockets. Similarly, the Iron Dome is not capable of intercepting long-range ballistic missiles.

George W. Bush’s 74-year-old friendship with Michelle, 56, the wife of former Democratic President Barack Obama, has often provoked a backlash among U.S. citizens. George W. Bush has been shocked by the American response to that friendly relationship with Michelle.

The former Republican president said Americans have negative thoughts about my friendship with someone in the opposition like Michelle! This is a ‘problem’.

George W. Bush said, ‘I think Americans are very one-sided in their thinking. They never thought that George W. Bush and Michelle Obama could be friends. “I am shocked by the reaction of the Americans to this,” he said.
Earlier in 2016, Bush and Michelle hugged each other at an event at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC. After that, many Americans spread rumors about the heart between the two.