May 8, 2021


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New dangers in India to prevent corona, hand eczema patients are increasing!

The whole world is devastated by the deadly coronavirus. Millions of people are infected with this virus every day. Thousands of people are dying daily. In this situation, people are taking various precautions to prevent corona. The use of hand sanitizers is increasing as part of this. As a result, the number of patients suffering from hand sores or hand eczema is increasing in India. Dermatologists fear that the number of patients in this second wave of corona will increase this year. According to them, the use of arbitrary sanitizer without following the rules is increasing the incidence of hand eczema.

These wounds are sometimes light and sometimes horrible. Private chambers with government hospitals, these patients are regularly coming to the doctors for treatment.
Abhishek Dey, an associate professor of medicine at the National Medical College of India, said that at least 10 per cent of the 40 patients who come here suffer from hand eczema without using a hand sanitizer arbitrarily and scientifically. Someone has fallen victim to a ‘fungal infection’ again. I am afraid that the more corona spreads, the more this number of patients will increase.

Abhishek’s advice is, ‘If you are at home, use soap instead of sanitizer. It’s like a moisturizing soap. Don’t forget to use colored sanitizer. Use a colorless sanitizer with alcohol. When using a sanitizer on the street, keep coconut oil with you if you don’t find anything. This oil is very useful. After applying the sanitizer, apply the coconut oil on your hands. So that the softness of the hand is maintained. ‘

Another well-known consultant dermatologist Jayant Kumar Das has given the same opinion. According to him, the number of hand eczema patients is increasing. Which is a lot of random hand sanitizer use. As a suggestion, he suggested using an alcohol-based sanitizer with glycerin on the one hand, and coconut oil on the other hand, if nothing else, to maintain the softness of the skin on the hands. In his words, the use of sanitizer makes the skin of the hands rough. Which will prevent coconut oil. Source: Nowadays