May 16, 2021


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The bus-train is stationary, the aircraft is stationary ‘Unrest on the ground, peace in the sky’

Saudi flight at midnight. Abdur Razzak’s ‘friend’ journey from Kushtia to Dhaka by renting a private car for Tk 6,000. With his elderly father. When Hazrat Shahjalal landed at the international airport on Wednesday, it was a hot afternoon. The opportunity to go to a relative’s house in the capital Dhaka and rest has also been lost due to ‘lockdown’. Not necessarily the airport courtyard. Dad is sick, so he refuses to fast. There are no food hotels open around the airport. As a result, Razzak’s eyes are full of worries about how he will spend the next time on the verandah of the airport. He said in a tone of anger, “As much unrest as there is in the land, there is peace in the sky.”

The story of Alamin Hossain, who came from Comilla and settled at the airport, is also the same. Go to Dubai. Rent a car directly from Comilla to the airport. “There is nothing to do,” he said. I have to go even if it is difficult. I can afford it, so I was able to rent a car. I have heard from many people that they are coming to the airport with great difficulty, carrying their bags on their shoulders. ‘

All types of public transport are still closed due to the lockdown. However, full and partial aviation with the country and abroad has already started. Low-income people going abroad have suffered due to this. Hundreds of foreign passengers were seen sitting on the ground at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka on Wednesday. Most of them came from different districts.

The factory has been kept open from April 14 to 21 despite the government’s talk of an all-out ‘lockdown’. Private vehicles are also operating on a limited scale with emergency services at this time. In the meantime, flights have been launched with several countries under special management. Domestic airways have also been opened since yesterday. A new week of lockdown has started from last midnight. This lockdown will continue until midnight on April 26.

Meanwhile, passengers are suffering due to lack of public transport in ‘lockdown’. Passengers say the safest train for vehicles. But how do passengers get home from the airport or from the airport when domestic and international flights are running? They demanded that restrictions should be imposed on the type and area of ​​transmission without stopping the exclusive public transport. Safe areas should be kept out of these restrictions. Again, those concerned cannot find an argument behind the introduction of domestic flights under strict restrictions.

Meanwhile, no official statement was received from the cabinet department when asked about the waiver of some issues even during the lockdown. However, the people concerned said that on the one hand there is no alternative but lockdown to prevent corona infection, on the other hand the government has to think about the livelihood of the people. So the government is not able to walk that path even if there is talk of total lockdown. There has been some relaxation since the start of the first phase of the lockdown. This time, before the end of the second week of ‘lockdown’, the government is thinking about some other issues, such as limited shops and public transport.

Asked why the train did not start even though the plane was launched, a senior railway official said, “It is a big transport, so it is safer. The government has not yet decided on the train.

Khandaker Enayet Ullah, general secretary of the Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association, said buses were not being launched unless a decision was taken by the government. There is nothing more to say. We are talking to them, there is a possibility that the bus will start after April 28.

Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan said, “The aircraft may have been launched for special needs. Many are going abroad, many planes from abroad are connecting with Waiter since it was launched. When the train starts, everything will be normal again. When the train-bus left these, there was nothing left. Even if those who go abroad come, normal movement is being discouraged. Going out of Dhaka or coming to Dhaka from outside, then the coronavirus will spread like last time.

Hadiuzzaman, a transport expert and professor at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), said there was no doubt that the plane was a safe vehicle in Corona. Because the air in the airplane changes 20 to 30 times per hour. Where the air changes two to four times an hour on an AC bus or train. However, since people have to come to the airport and in the case of domestic routes need to be transported off the plane.

NovoAir flew with four passengers: Meanwhile, after 17 days, the airline has started operating other domestic routes except Cox’s Bazar since yesterday morning. However, the number of passengers on the first day was very low. NovoAir’s flight to Chittagong got only four passengers. However, no flight was canceled.

Airport sources said that on the first day, US-Bangla Airlines and NovoAir were operating flights from Dhaka to Chittagong, Sylhet, Jessore, Syedpur and Barisal. The two airlines have operated three flights from the capital Dhaka to Chittagong, two to Sylhet, two to Jessore, two to Syedpur and one to Barisal. Besides, state-owned Biman Bangladesh Airlines will operate flights from Dhaka to Chittagong, Sylhet, Barisal, Jessore and Syedpur from Thursday.

Last Tuesday, the Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) allowed limited flights from Wednesday. On the other hand, special flights to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Qatar and Oman have been running since April 16.

According to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport sources, the NovoAir flight left Dhaka for Chittagong with only four passengers. “There were only four passengers on the return flight from Chittagong to Dhaka,” said Mezbah-ul-Islam, the airline’s chief marketing officer.

He said the number of passengers was declining due to lack of public transport and issuance of night flights. He also said that passengers are suffering due to lack of public transport in the lockdown.

On the other hand, US-Bangla Airlines also had less passengers. The airline received 32 passengers on the Jessore flight, 26 on the Sylhet flight and 49 on the Syedpur flight. Kamrul Islam, General Manager-Public Relations (GM-PR) of US-Bangla Airlines, said, “We got the opportunity to operate the flight from a time of uncertainty in Corona. The number of passengers on the morning flight was a bit low. However, many tickets for the afternoon flights have already been sold. Meanwhile, US-Bangla is starting flights from Dhaka to Rajshahi on Thursday.

Bebichak Chairman Air Vice Marshal. Mofidur Rahman said, ‘Limited domestic flights have been launched since Wednesday. Strict hygiene is being implemented. The airlines currently operate one-third of the flights.