May 16, 2021


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When will the promised 12 crore 20 lakh dose of vaccine be met?


Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccination is underway in the country to prevent coronavirus infection. One lakh doses of Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine will be the first to arrive in the country from Kovacs in May; Which will come from the global enterprise Covax. Department of Health officials confirmed the matter to Kovacs, department officials told Kaler Kantha. Besides, the Chinese government has shown interest in gifting five lakh doses of vaccine to Bangladesh. So far, the government is importing 30 million doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine from Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited, India’s leading pharmaceutical company, from the Serum Institute of India. So far, Seram has vaccinated 8 million doses. According to the agreement, 23 million doses are still due. The Government of India has gifted 33 lakh doses of the same vaccine to the Government of Bangladesh. In other words, Bangladesh has so far received a total of one crore three lakh doses of vaccine.

In addition, the World Health Organization’s special aid group Kovacs is expected to provide 64 million doses of vaccine to 32 million people, 20 percent of the country’s population, free of charge this year. In addition, if the government wants, it will be able to buy about three and a half crore doses of vaccine for 11 percent more people at a discounted price. In other words, the government is already planning to provide 99 million dose vaccines for 31 percent of the people from Kovacs. With that, three crore doses of serum will come. In all, the government is expected to vaccinate a total of 129 million doses or 64.5 million people (as two doses) from Serum and Covax. As of now, the government is in a state of uncertainty about when the promised (buy and free) 12 crore 20 lakh dose of vaccine will come.

According to a report in the Indian media NDTV yesterday, the Serum Institute of India has stopped exporting vaccines under its ‘Vaccine Friendship’ program as the corona infection has intensified in the country. Adar Punawala, chief executive officer of the company, said in an exclusive interview with NDTV that the situation would last till at least July. “Considering the infection situation in India, we are not thinking of exporting vaccines,” he said. At the moment we are thinking about the needs of the people of the country. In June-July, we will be able to think of resuming the export of vaccines in a limited way.

The Bangladesh government has agreed to buy 30 million doses of vaccine in six consignments from SERAM. According to the agreement, Bangladesh received 5 million doses in the first shipment. But the second shipment received only 20 lakh doses in February. The 5 million dose vaccine of the third consignment was supposed to arrive in the country in the last week of March, but after the second consignment no other vaccine was received from Serum.

The amount of vaccines that the government has so far is expected to run out in two weeks. So now the government is giving utmost importance to vaccination collection. The government has opened the way for the import of vaccines due to the situation, even though it has been in control for many days. Even on Wednesday, an emergency meeting was held at the initiative of the Vaccine Management Committee to discuss the possibility of importing vaccines to the private sector. In addition, embassies of several countries have also applied for the approval of the vaccine.

Major General Mahbubur Rahman, Director General of the Department of Drug Administration, told Kaler Kanth, “Several applications have been submitted. But the organizations that submitted the application did not submit the required supplementary data with it. As a result, we have asked some organizations to connect them as soon as possible. ‘

The director general said, “Vaccination is needed now, either public or private.” If the private sector can bring the vaccine in accordance with the appropriate rules and regulations, we will allow it.

Director of the Department of Health (Vaccine) said. Shamsul Haque told Kaler Kanth, “We are not yet sure when the rest of the vaccines will come from Seram. Being contacted regularly. However, it has been confirmed that the promised vaccine of Covax will start coming from May. In this case, at the beginning, Covax will send us one lakh doses of Pfizer vaccine. We had earlier requested the Kovacs to send us the Oxford vaccine. But since they also have limitations, we will use whatever they send. ‘

Meanwhile, Health Ministry sources said that a letter was sent from the Chinese embassy on April 20 expressing interest in giving 500,000 doses of vaccine as a gift. The source also said that several Chinese companies have applied for vaccines to be imported to Bangladesh.

According to the Department of Health, 65 lakh 6 thousand 69 people have been vaccinated in the country till Wednesday. Of these, 56 lakh 71 thousand 902 people have taken the first dose. 16 lakh 15 thousand 97 people took the second dose.

Foreign Minister. AK Abdul Momen said, ‘The agreement reached with India preceded the new system (stopping exports abroad) in that country. We should not be affected by the new system in India. ‘

“India’s own demand has increased a lot,” he said. There are many movements that will not send vaccines anywhere. India did not send the invoice on time. India has promised us. The Indian High Commissioner is now in New Delhi. So as not to disrupt our supplyHe is working there for what happened. ‘