May 8, 2021


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The legs are fine, said Mamata

His legs are fine. This time when you return home to Kolkata, you will cut the plaster. Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee made the remarks at a virtual meeting in Bahrampur in Murshidabad district on Sunday. “I have been touring the district for the last one and a half months with leg injuries. Now maybe my legs got better but, since I can’t go home, I can’t cut the plaster. I have been out of the house for ten days in a row. I have to do it back home, “said Mamata today.

The Trinamool supremo injured his leg while campaigning in Nandigram on March 10 and after the test, it was found that Mamata Banerjee had a fracture in her leg. Is plastered. Since then, he has held one public meeting after another in a wheelchair.

Mamata’s foot injury has come back again and again in the voting situation in West Bengal. The injured leg of the Chief Minister has come up in the center of discussion in the controversial video which has been criticized by the opposition.

Two days ago, BJP leader Locket Chatterjee taunted Mamata Banerjee with this broken leg. He said, “The health system is so bad that if there is pain in the legs, it will not get better in a month and a half. It will be the 29th and you will see that it is standing straight. Wheelchair Politics 2021 is seen by people all over the country. People have lost faith and no development has taken place. Now they are trying to get votes with sympathy. ”

The United States has come forward with the help of troubled India in Corona. The country is sending raw materials for making Covishield vaccine. NDTV reported this information on Monday. Earlier, the country decided not to send raw materials. However, after sharp criticism, US President Joe Biden announced his decision to send raw materials.

“India stood by us in times of danger,” he said. So America will stand by India in this difficult time. Biden tweeted, “We are determined to help India at this time, just as India did when our hospitals were in trouble in the early days of the epidemic.”

India’s National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan had a telephone conversation on Sunday. National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horn said.

He said the United States would extend a helping hand to treat Indian Kavid patients and protect health workers. PPE kits, rapid test kits, medicine equipments, ventilators will be sent very soon. Emily added that a team of public health experts from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would also be sent to Delhi. They will work hand in hand with the US Embassy and the Indian Ministry of Health to combat the epidemic.

During the first wave of corona, the then US President Donald Trump requested to send hydroxychloroquine to India. Narendra Modi also helped with very fast medicine. Biden tweeted about the help and this time the US move.