May 17, 2021


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Corona was attacked, Parno Mitra could not vote even after becoming a candidate

Popular Kolkata actress Parno Mitra is contesting for the BJP in the West Bengal Assembly elections. He was attacked by Corona while campaigning. The actress tweeted on Monday morning, ‘I am Kavid positive. Special request to those who have been with me for the last 7 days, please take the quid test too. ‘

At the same time, he advised them to move to quarantine to protect their families and surroundings. He also reminded not to open the mask. Although he has been seen more without a mask in the election campaign. On the other hand, the actress could not vote as she was attacked by Corona.
Unable to bear the pain and unbearable pain in his eyes, he finally fell to his death. Atar Ali, a householder from Sundarpur village in Chunarughat upazila of Habiganj and poor Abdul Haque (50), a victim of Tanjur’s torture. He died at his home on Sunday night without treatment due to lack of money. After receiving the news, Chunarughat police visited the spot at night and informed that legal action would be taken against the culprits.

Abdul Haque, a day laborer from Sundarpur village of the upazila, had been working as a housemaid at Atar Ali’s house in the same village for 7 years with a monthly salary of Tk 4,000. Wife childless day laborer a. Haque used to deposit all the money he earned with his landlord Atar Ali. A year ago, he said he would no longer work in the landlord’s house and wanted his money back. Atar Ali, the owner of the house, and his son Tanjur randomly beat Abdul Haq at that time. Hawk hit under the left eye and on the cheek. Later, the landlord Atar Ali sent him home with local treatment. Parbati Sylhet Osmani Medical A. Although Haque was admitted, he could not get treatment due to lack of money. Due to lack of good treatment, his left eye became infected and lost.

An arbitration meeting was held at the UP office under the chairmanship of Satiajuri UP Chairman Abdur Rashid. In the presence of local dignitaries at the meeting. The verdict was to pay Tk 4 lakh for Haque’s treatment. But Abdul Haq did not give the money to Atar Ali. Abdul Haq went door to door for money and finally did not go back to the country with unbearable death pain.

Chunarughat Police Station OC Ali Ashraf Uddin said a case has been registered in this regard. Police are continuing their operation to nab the accused.