May 17, 2021


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Iran is a formidable military power in the Middle East: US General McKenzie

General Kenneth McKenzie, the head of the US Central Command, said Iran had the most powerful military power in the Middle East and that the missile force it had was the most powerful in the Middle East.Gen. McKenzie made the remarks during a hearing of the Armed Services Committee of the US House of Representatives.

He added that Iran was using drones extensively, meaning that the United States had lost full control of the airspace for the first time since the Korean War.
Last year, Iran launched a major missile strike on a US military base in Iraq. U.S. forces were unable to repel the missiles. In addition, Iranian military experts have downed a US drone in Iranian airspace as soon as it entered the airspace. He then commented on General Mackenzie.

Iran has made significant progress in military power in recent years. But Iran has always said that its military might is purely defensive and not a threat to regional countries.

Sources: Parstoday and Al Arabiya News.

A teacher from a private university placed an order to buy a mobile phone at the online trading platform Daraj. He paid Rs 42,000 through credit card. Five days later, Daraj informed them that they could not deliver the mobile phone. The paid money will be returned after 10-12 days, said Daraj. During the high price of onions, another buyer ordered 5 kg of onions on another online platform. After 15 days it was informed that they will not be able to give that onion. It took several more days to return the money.

Another name for cheating is Falguni It is taking money from the consumers by promising to deliver various products in a short time at very low prices. In most cases, they are not giving any product to the paid consumer. The cycle of this online shop is returning the original money after about two-three months. In this way, the cycle is illegally holding the money of the customers. A buyer named Akhtaruzzaman paid Rs 39,600 to buy a laptop in December last year. This buyer is informed that the scheduled original product will be delivered within one month. It is further informed that if the product cannot be delivered, the market price of the product will be paid. But after about two months, the consumer did not get his product. When I called the hotline from time to time, a man named Pavel, the managing director of Falguni, said that the product would not be given, the money paid would be refunded. Although they were supposed to return the market value, they did not pay any extra money for more than two months. Online shoppers say that the image of all online platforms in Bangladesh including Daraj and Evali is the same. There is no accountability anywhere. Even in the established companies, there are always allegations of counterfeit products. With many online product orders waiting day after day, delivery is not matching. Customers have to wait like crows for pilgrimage by depositing money. Trying to find out your order is not available. Call after customer care, but do not respond. Even if there is a response, the answer comes like a spoken word. There have even been recent incidents where a customer has been beaten up for going to Evali’s office to inquire about an order.

Analysts say that in developed countries, online shopping is not deducted before product delivery. When ordering, a certain amount of credit card money is withheld, then the money is deducted during product delivery. The same procedure is followed for payment of international hotel-motel reservations. The same procedure needs to be followed for online shopping in Bangladesh. It can reduce the arbitrariness of the companies and the suffering of the people. Abdul Wahed Tamal, general secretary of the Ecommerce Association of Bangladesh (ECAB), told Bangladesh Pratidin that the Ministry of Commerce has issued a digital commerce policy in the form of a notification. But there is still a draft of the standard operating procedure. It is still in process. As a result there is no goodline. So everyone is running in free style. The sooner the government gives direction, the sooner the situation will improve.