May 17, 2021


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The victim of discrimination is the head of the European Commission, criticized Turkey

Ursula von der Lane, the first woman head of the Pian Commission. He visited Turkey on April 8. No chair was reserved for him during the meeting with the country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He had to sit on a sofa away from Erdogan. Ursula was immediately surprised that he did not keep his chair.There was a chair next to Erdogan and European Union President Charles Michel sat there. Charles Mitchell has apologized for his role in the incident.

Ursula has expressed outrage to European lawmakers over the chair scandal. “My visit to Turkey has shown us how far we have to go to ensure equal rights for women,” she wrote on Twitter. I have heard about this incident. But there are many more serious incidents that have gone unnoticed. We also have to bring the story of those inequalities before us.

Tamanna Bhatia is a successful actress from South India. The ‘Bahubali’ actress made her name in the Telugu language web series late last year. This web series called ‘Eleventh Hour’ has been released recently. After the release, Tamanna got a great response from the audience.

After signing the contract for this web series, it is rumored that Tamanna is taking a hefty fee. According to an Indian media, Tamanna is getting a fee of Rs 1.7 crore for this web series. This buzz has resurfaced since the release of the web series.

Tamanna kept her mouth shut about the whole incident for so long. Finally, the actress spoke to an Indian media about the matter. Tamanna said, “I acted in this web series because of my experience, not because of money.”
‘Aha’ has released ‘Eleventh Hour’ on the digital platform. It is based on Upendra Namburi’s novel ‘Eight Hours’. It is directed by Praveen Sattaru. ‘Eleventh Hour’ is Tamanna’s second web series. He had earlier acted in the Tamil language web series ‘November Story’.

Tamanna’s next movie is ‘Bol Churia’. In it, he has acted opposite Nawazuddin Siddiqui. His movie ‘Mahalakshmi’ is awaiting release. It is a remake of Bollywood’s ‘Queen’ movie. He will also be seen in remakes of ‘Citymar’ and Bollywood’s ‘Andhadhun’.

BD Daily / Kalam

Tollywood actress Parno Mitra’s coronavirus has been identified. On Monday, he himself tweeted, ‘I am cowardly positive. Special request to those who have been with me for the last 7 days, please take the Covid test too. ‘

At the same time, he advised them to go into seclusion for the safety of their families and surroundings. He also reminded not to open the mask.

According to Indian media Anandabazar, he had to run in the Barahanagar (North) constituency to campaign for the current Assembly elections. Different people have come in contact. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.
Corona is attacked by multiple Tollywood stars, political candidates like Parno who joined the campaign. Joining the campaign of Swami Raj Chakraborty, Shubhshree Gangopadhyay was attacked by Corona.

Meanwhile, 3 lakh 52 thousand 991 people were newly infected with covid in the country on Monday. Besides the infection, 2,612 people lost their lives in the country in 24 hours. The number of active patients is also increasing. On Monday, this figure exceeded 27 lakh.

BD Daily / Abu Jafar