May 8, 2021


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Extreme concern over wood and corpses at Delhi crematorium (video)

The situation in India is out of control a few days ago. The daily death toll in the country has reached nearly three thousand. Millions of people are being infectedevery day. In such a situation the whole country is watching the death procession.However, the situation has taken a terrible turn in the Indian capital Delhi. There is no place for cremation in crematoriums. Parking lots are now being used for funerals. There is no place even in the graveyard.

In such a situation, many crematoriums have run out of wood for cremation. The caretaker had to close the crematorium door due to lack of wood. Delhi is also witnessing such a tragic situation.
Almost every day in Delhi, the death toll in Corona is exceeding three and a half hundred.

The death toll in the capital so far is 350 on Monday. The virus killed 358 people on Sunday. The death toll the day before was 348. The average death rate in Delhi last week was 304. Thus, day after day, the crematorium and cemetery staff are practically struggling to bury the bodies of so many people.

It is learned that 22 bodies are being cremated daily at Sarai Kale Khan crematorium in Delhi. And for now, 60 to 70 corpses are coming there every day. Authorities say more than 100 platforms have been set up around the crematorium. “There is a lot of pressure to build the platforms,” ​​said a crematorium worker.

If there are too many by Tuesday, 20 new platforms will be created. It will take some more time to make the remaining 70. The workload on crematorium workers has recently increased so much that in some cases even the family members of the deceased have to work.

Almost the same picture in the remaining 25 crematoriums and cemeteries in Delhi. The corpses are being piled up. The workers can’t handle it. The horrors of the Corona situation have reached a climax. Not only Delhi, but other states of the country are also squabbling over the bodies. Source: One India

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