May 17, 2021


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Akshay donated crores of rupees to Gambhir’s foundation

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar recently donated Rs 1 crore to a voluntary organization to help corona patients.Former Indian cricket star Gautam Gambhir posted on social media on Saturday (April 25th) about Akshay Kumar’s humanitarian initiative. “Every help in this dark time brings a glimmer of hope,” he wrote from his Twitter handle. Many thanks to Akshay Kumar for donating Rs 1 crore to Gautam Gambhir Foundation. This money will be used to provide medicine, food, etc. to the needy people.

Responding to Gambhir’s tweet, Akshay wrote, ‘This is a very difficult time. I’m glad I thought I could help. We hope that we will all recover from this difficult time. Stay well. ‘
It is learned that Akshay Kumar has paid Rs 1 crore for the treatment of corona patients in the NGO of former cricketer and BJP leader Gautam Gambhir in Delhi. Not only for the patients, Akshay Kumar’s grant will help all those who have suffered financially in this extreme situation. His fans have welcomed the initiative of his favorite actor in difficult times.

It is to be noted that Akshay Kumar also gave a grant during the Corona disaster last year. Akshay Kumar gave Rs 25 lakh to the relief fund set up by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at that time.

LR Badal: Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi will rethink his career instead of the summer team. A few days ago, he made this clear in an interview with the Spanish media ‘Marca’. It is not impossible to see him in a new club unless there is a new problem. In that case, the names of a few clubs are coming around to get Messi. PSG is one of them. Where another best star in the world Neymar is also playing.
A few days ago, the French club PSG also admitted its interest in buying Messi. Several players of the club have said so many times. But everything is flying in the form of buzz. All images will be clear at the end of the season. However, according to French media reports, Messi is going to join PSG. Because the club has the ability to pay his high salary. However, the PSG authorities have not yet clarified how much it will cost to get Messi in the team.
However, the Spanish media outlet Marca hinted that PSG would pay Messi 80 million euros (600 million rupees in Bangladeshi currency) on a four-year deal. The meaning of the contract may increase but not decrease.
Neymar and Killian Mbabane are also playing in PSG. Even then, there is no end to the discussion about why the club is interested in buying Messi. However, several media outlets, including La Kip, have made various arguments in this regard. Basically, 4 reasons are coming up in the media of that country. PSG’s contract with Barcelona is coming to an end at the end of this season. And this is a big opportunity for PSG. Because they don’t have to spend anything to get him in the team. Earlier, it was impossible for them to pay Messi’s transfer fee. However, the Argentine star is now a free agent.
Neymar left Barcelona in the summer of 2016 to join PSG. The Brazilian became dissatisfied with the club less than a season later. Since then, he has been eager to play with Messi again. Iniye Binie has said this several times. There has been a lot of discussion in the media.
According to French media La Kip, Messi is interested in playing under new PSG coach Mauricio Pachettino. He also wants to play in the same tent with national teammates Anhel Di Maria and Leandro Parades. This is not the first rumor that Messi has joined the PSG. It has happened many times before. When the French team signed Neymar in 2016, their main goal was Messi. But despite many attempts, they could not melt the mind of this Argentine star. Moreover, the club did not have the ability to pay the high transfer fee of Messi. In other words, it is clear that the club has a desire to get Messi. In the summer of 2022, one of the best stars of the current MBAP is expiring his contract with PSG. So far there are no signs of a new deal. According to media reports, the young man wants to join Real Madrid. And Real are also looking to get him. So the team is not lacking in trying to get Messi. La Kip, Marca, Daily Star

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